Dorstone Goats Cheese – Our Cheese of the Week

Dorstone Goats Cheese is a wonderful example of just how exciting (and far removed from bog-standard supermarket stuff) that artisan cheeses can be. Made right here in Britain, Dorstone has an interesting history, wonderful flavour and incredible (conversation starting!) appearance.  This is why it is our Cheese of the Week!

Dorstone Goats Cheese


Where is Dorstone Goats Cheese Made?

Made on top of Dorstone Hill overlooking the River Wye. This goats cheese is named after the small village of Dorstone, in Herefordshire.

How is Dorstone Created?

First, the curd from the unpasteurised goats milk (sourced from a farm in Gloucestershire) is set overnight in big buckets with a bulk starter & traditional rennet.

The curds are then left to pre-drain the next morning . It is left, as is, for a few hours and then salt is sprinkled over the mixture and the mixture is transferred to moulds.

The cheese rests in these moulds for 3 days, after which they are taken out & then rolled in a charcoal powder. This gives the cheese an interesting speckled black and white exterior when the cheese is young.

As the cheese matures, the Geotrichum (a type of mould) gives the cheese an extraordinary wrinkled appearance! This is really unique and looks very impressive on a cheese board – perfect for dinner parties where it is a real conversation starter (trust us, we know!). Sometimes, blue-green specks appear, adding  more interest to the appearance.

Why Try Dorstone?

Not only is the exterior beautifully impressive, we find that this goats cheese is flavourful + delicious – a real treat! It has a fluffy mousse-like texture and a flavoursome creamy yet zesty, lemony, salty tang. The Geotrichum imparts a savoury, nutty edge to the cheese. Dorstone doesn’t actually taste overly goat-y, making it a good choice for a dinner party.

Who Makes Dorstone?

Talented cheese makers Charlie Westhead & Haydn Roberts created Dorstone Goats Cheese. Interestingly, their farm has solar panels & a windmill to power their creamery & their waste water is processed using a wetland system. This filters waste water via reeds, wild Orchids & banks of Willows. Very impressive!

An Award Winner

In 2013, Dorstone Goats Cheese won a Gold Medal at the Mondial Du Fromage in France

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