Cheese Wedding Cakes: Why Your Wedding Needs One

If you spotted a towering cheese wedding cake  at a recent wedding, you are not alone. Although historically these majestic towers of cheese are a fairly new phenomenon for The Big Day, they have recently become a ‘must-have’ for ceremonies across the country. We even went to a wedding recently where the lovely couple didn’t bother with the traditional sweet cake & just had a glorious cheese wedding cake instead! (thanks again for the invite Georgina & Simon!).

Now the time has come to plan your own special day and I bet you are wondering – do we really need a wedding cheese cake? Here are 5 reasons why we believe that a wedding cheese cake is essential for when you say ‘I Do’.

Cheese Wedding Cake
Glorious Cheese Wedding Cake, Topped with Godminster Heart Shaped Cheddar

1. Cheese Wedding Cakes are Perfect for People Avoiding Gluten

A growing food trend that is seeing huge popularity right now is the move to a wheat/gluten free lifestyle. In fact, I bet you can already name at least one friend or family member on your guest list that is avoiding gluten. Most traditional wedding cakes contain flour which isn’t gluten free and gluten free wedding cakes can be up to 50% more expensive.

A cheese wedding cake is perfect for your guests who are avoiding gluten as most artisan cheese (that has as few artificial preservatives as possible and is not washed in beer) is suitable for those following a gluten free diet. You can easily get seed based crackers that are gluten free too, to accompany the cheese. Not forgetting the gorgeous gluten free chutneys that are readily available.

2. They Are a Nice Treat for Those Guests Avoiding Sugar

With a growing body of scientific evidence condemning the vast consumption of processed sugar in our Western Diets, more and more people are looking for savoury alternatives to replace those sugary treats. It is well documented that sugar is highly addictive and people spend months trying to kick their habit (I should know!).

Providing a savoury option for when the other guests are tucking into the traditional cake is a nice and thoughtful gesture for your guests who want to shirk the sugary treats.

3. Less Wastage

Food wastage is a big issue in the UK and if not planned carefully a large wedding can inadvertently add to the problem! A cheese wedding cake can be a great alternative to a traditional cake if you are looking to minimise waste at your wedding. Most cheeses keep very well (much better than cakes, which go stale the next day) and can very easily be used in leftover dishes the week after the wedding. Sadly, traditional fruit cakes often aren’t to many peoples tastes any longer, meaning that quite a bit gets leftover, especially if people have enjoyed a nice sweet dessert.

Got some leftover Rosary Garlic & Herb Goats Cheese? Use this to create our delicious Herby Goats Cheese, Cumin & Tomato Tart.  Or some Organic Smoked Cheddar? Grate this on top of a veggie pasta bake during the last 5 minutes of baking to add an unbelievably smoky flavour.

Going on your honeymoon the next day? I am sure the parents (and new parents-in-law) would appreciate the leftover cheeses!

4. Supporting the Local Community

It is really easy to show support for your local community or your place of birth at your wedding by choosing local cheeses to go in your cheese wedding cake. If the bride or groom were born in or have a love for Devon for example they can include the seriously strong 24 month matured Quickes Vintage Cheddar, which has been made in Newton St Cyres for hundreds of years!

Having your wedding in Hampshire? Then the 2013 Supreme Champion of the British Cheese Awards – Tunworth Cheese – should be a must for your cheese wedding cake. Made in Hampshire, it has a long lasting, nutty and sweet milky flavour, combined with the savoury taste you would expect from a Camembert-style cheese.

There are literally hundreds of cheese makers in Britain, who are some of the finest in the world, making it easy to support your local community at your wedding without compromising on flavour

Rosary Garlic and Herb Goats Button
Rosary Garlic and Herb Goats Button

5. Cheese Wedding Cakes are Still a Novelty + Make Your Wedding More Memorable

Though they have grown in popularity, they are still a novelty and people are always intrigued by the idea of a wedding cake made entirely of cheese!

We would love to help you with your Cheese Wedding or Cheese Celebration Cake! Visit our website for more details –